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Poverty, Crime, and Homeless rates are increasing. So, don't kick your child out of your home before raising them to compete and thrive in our very competitive and oppressive society. Teach them the upright way in which they should go, in order that it will be with them forever. 


Learn How to Build a FAMILY Legacy; Develop a Succession Plan; and Train future generations in the Creation, Accumulation, and Preservation of Wealth.
The World is Competitive and YOU should be Too!

Strive Toward your Victory! 

There is more to Life than getting a Job to pay the bills. More is required of YOU. YOU definitely need skills that pay the bills but YOU also need a LIFE PLAN.  A LIFE PLAN is a Business Plan for LIFE. A person must invest a portion of their earnings into their Future Growth and Professional Development. YOU need to enroll in Boardwalk School of Economics to learn how to create a Legacy of Future Wealth.


Boardwalk School of Economics


Crash Course
Earn Five (5) Separate Certificates in the Creation, Accumulation, and Preservation of Wealth
(1) Orientation - Find Your Spiritual Purpose
(2) I want to be a Millionaire Course
(3) 52-Week Wealth Creation Workshops 
(4) Right of Passage Program - Transition of Children into Responsible Adulthood
(5) Main Course  in Wealth Mastery
  • Budgeting [Personal and Business]
  • Development of Investment Portfolio [Personal and Business]
  • Understanding Entrepreneurship
  • Tax Planning [Personal and Business]
  • Bankruptcy and Options
  • Estate Planning [Wills,  Living Trusts, Insurance ...]
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Facebook Round
  • Twitter Round
  • YouTube Round
  • LinkedIn Round
Invest In Your Future Self:
Develop Your Greatest Asset - Your Mind!


Advance Your Financial Education, Kick Start Your Wealth Creation Strategy.


The world that we live in is very different from that of our parents. It is even more competitive. This is why, if you do not prepare yourself and your children for the world in which you or they will live.  YOU will not be able to prosper. YOU will live from paycheck to paycheck and be threatened with poverty and despair, no matter how hard YOU try.  Your children will most likely repeat the same process, which will turn into what is called a generational curse. 

Your first realization is that earning Income is only the beginning of a long and drawn-out life-long process. Your second and most important lesson is dramatically different from just making and spending lots of money. It is learning how to turn a portion of that cash into future wealth. This requires learned behavior. There will come a time when you must trade places with your money because in your later years your money/assets must work for YOU because YOU will no longer be able to work for money. This is why during these income-producing years. YOU should have learned how to transform a portion of this income into wealth. You will not be able to dig a hole forever, so your wealth must generate enough income to supplement your retirement years.


Success Requires Discipline, Dedication, and Determination


It is important to set aside at least 3-4 hours per week for this program. Why do Employers like individuals with college degrees? It is because a person graduating from college shows the employer that they are disciplined enough to finish what they started.

What makes this program unique is that it is relevant to every person with the desire to improve their circumstances in LIFE.


It teaches each person to plan, save and invest.

Success also requires YOU to be able to think clearly and recognize an opportunity when it is being presented to YOU.

YOU may have heard others say, that this or that person is just Lucky! What is my definition of Luck? Luck is where a person's preparation meets with opportunity. Have YOU heard the cliche, if YOU stay ready, YOU don't have to get Ready!

This is when a person gets Lucky!

I remember back in my corporate years when I went to work. The security guards of color would call me "Easy Money". I should have called them "Lazy Money".


The First Step is to Develop a Life Plan.


You must be very careful of the decisions that you make in life because they will follow you. When you are young you may not think about these things but pay attention to the advice I am giving YOU as a compassionate Elder. Time is your best asset because on average people live to age 80 and beyond these days, so take advantage of these early years and develop a life plan through discipline, study, and commitment.


The biggest problem is Preserving Family Wealth.

Most people know how to make money at some level. The biggest problem facing Preserving family wealth is a very serious community problem. And even when the parent does everything right. The children are not being prepared to receive the wealth and loses it within a very short period of time. Their blessing becomes a curse. This program is a real life cure to the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth. See Estate Planning Legacy Calendar.



This Mastery Course in Wealth Creation is based on Real Life experience.


The material teaches each student the importance of having a trade, skill, or education in order to produce cash flow. Cash Flow is even more important if you plan to marry and raise a family. We all need cash flow and then, we need to manage the cash we do earn. If you are currently in a serious relationship. You should take this course together. It will give YOU vision and focus.


Receive 5 Certificates of Completion in your 18-Month Journey in Personal Growth and Professional Development Curriculum.

The program is designed to give you a solid overview of what it takes to become financially successful in your personal and business life. This program is for those who currently have cash flow and are inspired to make this income grow into Wealth.  This is a real-life education, you can not obtain from a traditional College/University setting designed to make YOU dependent on debt. 

Boardwalk School of Economics

Take Time to Invest in Yourself

Build a Lasting Economic Future

LIFE is a Business 


YOU need Economic Skills

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